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Radiant Mortgage Bank (RMB) provides all MLOs with the most extensive training in the industry. Our training consists of 3 main components: Field, classroom and online training.

Unlicensed MLOs must go through our field training program, which culminates with a $4,000 cash reimbursement. This program consists of the following:

  • Unlicensed MLO trainees must bring three 3 loans to the table and observe but not participate in each step of the process from origination to funding. Upon successfully completing the NMLS pre-license course and passing the exam, the newly licensed MLO will receive a $4,000 cash training reimbursement plus the cost of the NMLS school fee (and crash course fee if applicable) ONLY IF the class and crash course was taken with Affinity Real Estate & Mortgage Services School.

Licensed MLOs must go through a sp

  • Licensed MLO trainees must bring 3 loans to the table and ACTIVELY participate in each step of the process from origination to funding. MLO trainees will be compensated on a 50/50 split basis with their field trainer. After the funding of 3 training sales on a 50/50 split basis, , the MLO will keep 100% of the net commission moving forward. An MLO can request additional training sales, which would then be split on an agreed upon percentage by the trainer and trainee.
  • Under no circumstances will a trainee price a loan. All pricing will be submitted by the field trainer, and verified by RMB personnel. 

RMB also conducts LIVE classroom training sessions one the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 9:00 AM at the Artesia Training Center. Training webinars take place every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PST (CLICK HERE to view a calendar of all training events, and to register for the, for FREE).

You can also CLICK HERE to visit our library of ‘On Demand Classes’, which are available 24/7.