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Generating buyer and seller leads with chatbots…

Hello everyone,

I want to start by thanking everyone that attended the SOLD-OUT workshop this past Saturday on how chatbots are generating MORTGAGE, SELLER and BUYER leads in record numbers.

The best part of this powerful tool is the FREE version you can use to take for a test drive. Here is what everyone needs to do to to experience the power of this tool:

1. CLICK HERE to be taken to the home page, and then click on either the CLICK TO DEMO BOT NOW button, or the MESSENGER ICON on the lower right hand corner. See below:

2. From your phone (or computer) CLICK HERE to experience the power of the Home Valuation chatbot, which gives prospects an approximate value of their home, and gives you these potential seller’s contact information as well. This is used in conjunction with ads such as the one below to generate SELLER leads:

Keep in mind that the chatbot has a TON of lead generating flows including a buyers guide, a sellers guide, a road to homeownership, open house follow up flow and TONS more!

Finally, please be sure to set up a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE for your real estate business ASAP since you will need one to install this powerful tool onto it. You can CLICK HERE to learn how to set up a facebook business page.

We will be training on this tool during Thursday’s training webinar at 7:00 PM PST.