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“Generating buyer and seller leads on Facebook with chatbots” Workshop!


I am EXTREMELY excited to announce that registration is now open for one of the most anticipated workshops ever!

Facebook ads are generating TONS of leads for buyers and sellers for those Realtors and MLOs that know how to make it work. Join me in Artesia this Saturday for a workshop that will teach you how to leverage ‘chatbots’ on Facebook messenger to elevate your income!

Attendees will learn all they need to know about chatbots, and will will learn how to take this powerful tool for a spin for FREE!

Want to learn more now? CLICK HERE to get the info on this powerful tool that is revolutionizing how buyer and seller leads are being generated on Facebook all-day everyday! This is the same tool we will be training on during the workshop.

CLICK HERE to register for this FREE workshop before it sells out!